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Catégories: 3.3 The International Exhibition in Dakar, Senegal : "Black music around the World", 3.3.1 Layout Design for the International Exhibition in Dakar, Senegal : "Black Music around the World"

Layout Design for the International Exhibition for Black Music in Dakar, Senegal

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International appeal and cutting-edge technology


The International Exhibition for Black Music will present over 50 interactive installations, opening a new and innovative world of culture and knowledge for local visitors and tourists alike.



 Layout design for Douta Seck Cultural Center / © Pedro Mendes da Rocha



  Douta Seck Cultural Center




Opening : December 10th 2010
Surface Area : 600m² comprising 5 themed rooms, featuring interactive multimedia installations and a projection room
Exhibition layout design : Pedro Mendes da Rocha, Architect / Arte 3 – Brazil
Technical development : Mondomix and Atelier 144 (France)
Artistic content : Mondomix, in collaboration with a Committee of Experts composed by European, Brazilian and African specialists
Target audience : Public in general
Estimated attendance : 1000 people per day



Layout design for the Exhibition / © Pedro Mendes da Rocha




A multimedia exhibition at the cutting edge of technology


  • A fun and educational musical journey

The exhibition will comprise touch screens, interactive terminals, film screenings and listening stations. Visitors can move freely inside this musical universe, which will be equipped with a wireless listening system.


  • The exhibition trail

The International Exhibition for Black Music will extend over 600m² and feature over fifty sensorial and interactive interfaces that trace the
incredible global odyssey of Black Music. This musical journey will be organised into five main chapters: The Sacred Monuments of Black Music, Mama Africa, the Nef, the Black Americas and the Global Mix.


  • The online resource Center: in the exhibition and on the Net

/ A special space inside the exhibition will allow visitors to peruse complementary resource material.

/ will disseminate the Center for Black Music’s activities and resource material on a global scale. Links will be included to people and organisations (universities, producers, media, etc.) involved in the recognition and promotion of Black Music.



 Cultural Center Douta Seck